In 1475, the Duke of Burgundy, Charles the Bold, widens his duchy by the war and lead a policy of conquest to the East of his lands.

While he is in campaign in the North of Europe, the Holy Roman Empire decides to attack the heart of the Duchy by the South, by means of the rival of Charles, the King of France, Louis XI. An army gathering the Empire, the Swiss cantons and the troops of the King of France starts up.

They walk along the valley of the Saône.

The Duke, warned of the approach of this coalition decides to send to its meeting a part of his reserves stayed in Dijon, and led by the Marshal of Burgundy.
This meeting is going to be made at the foot of the walled city of Brancion, small garrison which is going to welcome the companies of prescription led by the Marshal.

Near the city, the enemy army settles its camp and puts the siege on Brancion …


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